We specialize in catering and in making your event a unique, delicious and unforgettable experience! We assure that you will receive many compliments from your guests on the taste of the food! From casual backyard family gatherings to the most elegant and elaborate weddings, we will cater to your every need and delight you with our authentic family inspired recipes!

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We are a married couple from Venezuela. We were optometrists in Venezuela, but we have always been passionate about gastronomy. After a day of work, we always gravitated toward the kitchen. There was nothing better than getting together with our families and creating exquisite traditional dishes or experimenting with brand new ones.  Weekends and holidays were spent centered around family and food with much music and laughter. After arriving in the United States, we realized quickly that others were also as passionate about Venezuelan food as we are.  For us one of the best pleasures in life is definitely enjoying favorable cuisine. 

In 2015 we decided to explore new horizons as we converted our hobby into our family business and life project. All our food is made from traditional family recipes, honoring the recipes of our loved ones. Our menu is inspired and designed by the foods that we most loved in our childhood and that are still our all time favorites. We feel proud to have brought our culinary culture to this country.