Cute way to wow your guests!

If you’re wondering where and how to find a fun and professional bartenders to bring beautiful farm-to-cocktail style drinks to your wedding or special event , Mendocino Bartending is the ideal one! ⁣⁣

⁣⁣Do you want to know why they should be your bartender?⁣⁣
For Mendocino Bartender the bar is a focal point of your big day, and should be treated as such, so the bar is their sole focus. They have a vintage horse trailer bar, custom built wood bar,giving a unique and original touch to your event or even can work from a bar that you provide. Finally, they will give you a shopping list, but you will provide the alcohol, saving you from the huge drink price mark-up! Without sacrificing quality, much less a romantic and sophisticated addition that will add to the atmosphere of your event!