They are from Palo Alto, Ca and they were looking at different catering options and thought it would be cool to have a food truck instead of the usual fare. And they let us know that our food looked so wonderful! And without meet us, even without a tasting, they hired our service! We could not be more happy to be a part of their big and special day. They were stunning, so elegant, and gorgeous.

Comments post wedding:

“Everything was PERFECT! This was the best wedding food I’ve ever had. Many of our guests came up afterward and said the same thing. Even Amy’s dad, who is normally not a very adventurous eater said the food was really good.
We can’t thank you enough. The service was fantastic and the communication leading up to the event was spot-on

Again, thank you so much Erick and Sauli. You have a very special food truck. Amy and I will be back for more arepas and empanadas one of these weekends!”