We specialize in catering service for weddings and in making your event a unique, delicious and unforgettable experience! We have been proudly serving delicious, gourmet Venezuelan cuisine and making so many weddings memorable for over seven years. Furthermore, we assure that you will receive many compliments from your guests on the taste of the food! From casual intimate wedding to the most elegant, luxury and elaborate ones, we will cater to your every need and delight you with our authentic family inspired recipes.

We feature unique weddings catering-menu and different. Simple to make it worth the wait for each succulent course.

To give you an idea of your investment, once you make a contact with us, we will describe what our catering menu usually consists of PER PERSON. (We will give you a general idea based on our experience and on menus that have succeeded with guests in the past. We can work with you to fine tune the specifics of your event based on the needs of your guests, and we can accommodate the budget accordingly).

As a caterer, Certified Professional Wedding and Event Planner, we believe in creating memorable memories that will last long after your special event!