Chef & Co-Founder

I am very passionate in everything I do, I really enjoy imagining the event, knowing the theme or concept, the color palette, the decoration to integrate either the food truck or our service in buffet presentation or sit-dow dinner the way the highest possible. I can perceive small details and enhance their beauty and exquisiteness, so I make the most of that potential! Furthermore, I would say that I am the creative part of the company, who is interested in image, logistics, marketing, and everything that involves design and creation. To get to know the industry even more and have the necessary tools to help our couples in the most professional way possible, I certified as an event and wedding planner at the Lovegevity wedding planning institute in San Francisco in June 2020.

Definitely, the success of Pilón Kitchen does not depend on a single thing or a single person, it is the set of many factors and a whole team.